Which Flowers to Give According to the Occasion?

February 26, 2021

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Existe un Mensaje Detrás de Cada Tipo de FlorChoosing the perfect flower arrangement is a universal dilemma. Although some consider it to be a piece of cake, it's actually more complicated than it seems. There is a message behind each type of flower, either because of its color, fragrance, shape, or history, so it's not just about choosing the nicest ones and getting it over with. If you really want to make a proper impression on the person receiving the gift, there is nothing they would admire more than knowing you took the time to express your appreciation, gratitude, condolence or congratulations through choosing the correct flowers.

Don't worry! If a significant event is coming up and you were thinking of giving flowers but are now feeling unsure about which type you should choose, today we come with a blog post dedicated to making you a specialist in the language of flowers.

Which Flowers Should You Give According to the Occasion?

  • If It Is for Your Partner or Crush:
    Many people say, "The best flowers to give at any stage of a relationship will always be red roses." They may not be far from reality; red roses are usually the most perfect and distinctive detail between couples; they are elegant, classic and their intense red color expresses love and passion. However, not everyone is a fan of this type of flower, and they seek to receive something more authentic.

    Luckily, there are other types of flowers, such as carnations and red tulips, that are the ideal alternative if you want to show someone special how you feel about them. For one thing, the red carnation means 'A heart that sighs', and is an excellent choice to give during the first months of dating. As for the red tulip, it is known as the flower of 'The declaration of love', perfect to give to that person you want to finally win over.

  • If It Is to Express Appreciation:
    Every now and then, it doesn't hurt to say "Thank you" to a friend, colleague, or family member. Therefore, if you are looking to express gratitude through a flower arrangement, you can do it in two ways: simply choose a bouquet of their favorite color, or give it a more profound meaning by giving flowers such as the Pink Rose, which denotes joy, sympathy and gratitude; the Pink Daisy, which expresses a good "Thank you very much"; or the Lily Stargazer (greetings).

  • If It Is to Express Your Condolences:
    Having to give flowers due to a loss is not something we enjoy; however, it is a great way to pay your respects to the deceased and express your condolences to their family members. For this occasion, there are several types of flowers with compelling meanings. The carnation is one of the most popular, as it shows admiration and pays tribute to the person. In the same way, roses are also a recurring option for this type of event, although it's worth noting that the color poses a great influence on what you wish to demonstrate. For example, white roses express innocence, whereas pink ones, as we previously mentioned, signify appreciation and gratitude. The red ones, on this occasion, show love and respect for the person.

    Lastly, the gladiolus is a flower that is usually used in funeral wreaths not only because of its attractiveness, but because it is known as the flower of sincerity, strength, honor, memories and affection.

  • If It Is to Give to Someone Who Is Sick:
    You must first consider one factor before giving a floral gift to someone who is sick: the place where they are. This information is essential, because if the person is in a hospital room, fragrant flowers are not a good option for such a closed space. Therefore, flowers such as irises, tulips or gladioli, which have almost no perfume, would be the most recommended choice.

Delux Flower Can Help You Choose the Perfect Flower Arrangement!

Delux Flower Has a Team Of Professionals If after reading this blog post you still find yourself feeling uncertain of the type of flower to choose for your special occasion, here at Delux Flower, we have a team of professionals who can gladly assist you to correctly select the flowers for the occasion needed.

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